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A Diagram of air moving through a Colorado home from Colorado Home cooling and Services
Colorado Home Services Colorado's top rated home improvement specialist

Colorado Home Cooling

QuietCool Whole House Fans | Attic Fans & Vents| Gable Vents | Home Ventilation

Whole House Fans 

A Whole House Fan delivers powerful, sustainable home cooling for a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.

Colorado Home Services is Colorado's top-rated whole house fan installation company. With more than 600 5-star reviews for customer service and product knowledge, we are your whole house fan installation experts!

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A photo of a quietcool whole house fan installed in the attic of a home from Colorado Home Services

Whole House Fan Products 

QuietCool Whole House and Attic Fan Logo and Branding

We are a QuietCool Platinum Dealer, and specialize in QuietCool whole house fan installation and service​ across Colorado!

Colorado Home Services is Colorado's top rated QuietCool installer, with over 20 years of experience in whole house fans and systems.

Triangle Engineering Whole House Fan Logo and Branding

Triangle whole house fans are the most cost-effective whole house fan system available in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins!

Colorado Home Services is the leading Triangle house fan installer, providing installation, service, and repairs all along the Front Range of Colorado.

Attic Fans, Gable Fans & Vents

A photo showing an attic fan post installation from Colorado Home Services and Home Cooling

Attic fans, gable fans, and vents play an important role in creating a balanced, home ventilation system in Colorado.

Attic fan installations help maintain an optimal climate in your attic by removing damaging moisture and superheated air under the roof, and increase efficiency of your existing home cooling systems.

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Home Ventilation

Home ventilation is directly tied to indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and overall home health and comfort.

Balanced home ventilation systems from Colorado Home Services instantly improve indoor air quality, home comfort, and lower home energy costs by up to 50-90%!

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A clear diagram of home ventilation installations from Colorado Home Services and Cooling

What Our Customers Are Saying

QuietCool Colorado indoor air ventilatio

"This is the second whole house fan I have gotten from Colorado Home Services. The customer support is second to none. I highly recommend the product and company."  

— Dan, Homeowner
Denver, CO

QuietCool Colorado indoor air ventilatio

"Colorado Home Services did a fantastic job installing our QuietCool fan system. I would recommend this company to anyone considering a whole house fan." 

— Ryan, Homeowner

Fort Collins, CO

Colorado Home Services


Our whole house fans are American-made and come with a 15-year limited warranty.

Built in USA Colorado Home Services QuietCool dealer and installation
15 year warranty Colorado Home Services

Customer Satisfaction

Whole house fans have earned a 98% satisfaction rating from thousands of customers! 

whole house fan satisfaction Colorado Home Services

Variable Systems

Cool individual rooms or your entire house with independent controls and smaller fan systems.

QuietCool Whole House Fan schematic and infographic Colorado Home Services

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient whole house fans are among the best home cooling systems, according to the DoE.

Department of Energy official seal for Colorado Home Services QuietCool Whole House Fan
A diagram and photo of a modern, white kitchen with air flow moving through the room from a whole house fan installed by Colorado Home Services

Colorado Home Services

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